Orangutans Urmston Day Nursery | KEY WORKER INFORMATION


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As we are approaching our transition from paper based observations, assessments and planning to our new online EyLog, we have decided a better approach to our key worker system.  The key workers are as follows:

Babies (0-18 months) – Key workers jointly are Katrina and Jessica

Toddlers (18 months – 30 months) – Key worker is Amy (supported by Chloe)

Preschool (30 months – 60 months) – Key worker is Emma S (supported by Holly)

Any additions to our team will simply add as support to the key workers, this is a more consistent approach for parents and children.

When the online system becomes live for parents you will not only see observations and input from the key workers but from other members of staff and management too.  All Childrens observations will be overseen by management, Emma, Katie and Lindsey.